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Welcome to
Dance Explosion

Dance Explosion is a friendly, professionally-run dancing school, operating in four locations across Melbourne. We are a non-competitive school; no exams, no competitions. We encourage anyone and everyone to become the best dancer possible, and have as much fun doing it as they can!

If you'd like to learn more about our studio and its history, click the button below.

The Team

While expanding Dance Explosion over the years, our directors created a brilliant team of dedicated, skilled teachers, waiting to show you the world of dance.


2024 Reservoir Junior Mid-Year Concert: Daisy's doll house

Saturday 22nd June at 4:00pm | East Doncaster Secondary College

The Reservoir Junior dancers are telling the story of Daisy, a girl who feels like she's too grown up to play with her toys - but they have a different idea! Watch as teddy bears, rag dolls, Barbies, toy soldiers, and all the toys in Daisy's Doll House come to life to remind her that you're never too grown up to play and have fun!

Daisy's Doll House

2024 deer Park Mid-Year Concert:
More than a feeling!

Friday 28th June at 7:30pm | St Francis Catholic College

"It's more than a feeling!"

As humans, we experience so many emotions throughout life; from Happiness to Grief, from Love to Rejection, from Confidence to Anxiety. Are you ready for an "emotional" journey with the Deer Park dancers?

More Than A Feeling!


See what some of our dancers and their parents have to say about their experience at Dance Explosion.

"Dance Explosion has been a big part of our lives for over fifteen years. Miss Wendy and Miss Nicola are nurturing, fun, and extremely talented educators, and I can't thank them enough for looking after my daughter for all this time."

Sharon, parent since 2003

"Excellent, family-orientated dance school. My girls have been going there for 11 years - that says it all."

Lillian, parent since 2008

"I've been a student at Dance Explosion for over twenty years, and I've loved every second! The studio is always a welcoming environment, and the teachers support and push students as individuals. I can't imagine finding another studio like it."

Kate, student since 1997

"Amazing business, run by the most talented women with so much skill. Highly recommended!"

Darren, audience member since 2007

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