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Welcome to
Dance Explosion

Dance Explosion is a friendly, professionally-run dancing school, operating in four locations across Melbourne. We are a non-competitive school; no exams, no competitions. We encourage anyone and everyone to become the best dancer possible, and have as much fun doing it as they can!

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Upcoming performances

"Brights lights, big city! That's where we gotta go!"

The Balwyn students are ready to take you on a trip, visiting all the cities the world has to offer. Where will they take you? New York, Paris, Berlin, California, London, or Bangkok!

Sunday 24th November at 6:00pm | Whitehorse Arts Centre, Nunawading

Balwyn end-of-Year Concert:

bright lights, big city

There are so many celebrations happening all over the world every day, and Zoe wants to celebrate it all! Join our Croydon students as they celebrate through the whole year, from Wear Purple for Peace Day to Save the Elephants Day, from Valentine's Day to World Art Day!

Monday 25th November at 7:30pm | Whitehorse Arts Centre, Nunawading

croydon end-of-Year Concert:
aili's Adventurous year

Our Deer Park dancers are telling the story of Snow White, the step-daughter of a wicked queen who, jealous of Snow’s beauty, orders a huntsman to murder her. He cannot bring himself to commit the crime, so he tells her to run away, and the stumbles upon seven miners in a cottage. When the wicked queen discovers she’s still alive, the seven dwarfs protect her.

Friday 6th December at 7:30pm | Catholic Regional College, Melton

Deer park end-of-Year Concert:
snow white and the seven dwarfs

Our Reservoir Seniors are excited to be bringing you another fantastic cabaret night! The cabaret night will be filled with entertaining routines, as well as other fun experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

Sunday 8th December at 7:00pm | Coburg Town Hall, Coburg

reservoir senior end-of-Year Concert:
cabaret night

Alice really doesn't like reading, so a trip to the library is not her cup of tea! The librarian tries to show Alice all the beautiful stories she could read, but Alice refuses to read! Maybe an adventure through the pages of the librarian's favourite books will help Alice find her new favourite story.

Sunday 15th December at 5:00pm | Viewbank Secondary College, Viewbank

Reservoir junior end-of-Year Concert:
Alice refuses to read!

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