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Our Team of Teachers

Across our four studios, we have quite the collection of talented dancers eagerly standing by, ready to share their passion for dance with their students. Although our teachers have come from inside and out of the Dance Explosion family, they all share the same vision for their students; education, self-development, growth, and joy. Through encouragement, support, and love, our teachers strive to create a sense of fulfillment in every dancer, and work hard at moulding their students into the best performers they can be! Keep scrolling to learn more about them!

Our Directors

Our Directors
Nicola Hynson + Wendy Russell-Clarke

(Both she/her)

Miss Nicola and Miss Wendy are the heart and soul of Dance Explosion. They teach at all of our studios, and have given the rest of our team their starting point as a dance teacher. Both have been part of the dance world for over forty-five years, and they bring their passion and love for the art into every one of their students' lives.


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Miss Amanda
Miss Liv
Miss Kate
Miss Jessica
Mx Steph
Miss Caity
Miss Ellie
Miss Amy
Miss Sian
Miss Chloe

Miss Amanda started dancing at age four at Canterbury Ballet School, just before it became Dance Explosion Balwyn! She has trained in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop. Miss Amanda completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Performance Creation (Choreography) at the Victorian College of the Arts, and received an Arts Victoria Creative Scholarship. She also completed her undergraduate studies in Creative Arts (Dance) at Deakin University, and was awarded a travel grant to study dance abroad.
Miss Amanda has danced all over the world in festivals, workshops, classes, and performances in USA, Germany, France, Austria, Israel, India, and more. Miss Amanda is an active member of the dance community in Melbourne, performing regularly in her own and others’ contemporary dance works. Miss Amanda has been at Dance Explosion since 2008, and has now taught all ages. She loves seeing her students develop their confidence, make new friends, and improve their skills and artistry over time.

Jazz/Funk, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical

Amanda Betlehem (She/her)


Miss Jess is one of our fabulous Production teachers at Dance Explosion Reservoir. She started at Dance Explosion Preston in 2005, doing Tap and Jazz, and as the years have gone on, her love and passion for dance began to bloom. Miss Jess expanded her dancing skills, taking on Funk and Hip Hop classes, and has now found a love for Contemporary. Watching older students and being inspired by her teachers, her love for dance continued to grow, and at seventeen years old, she became a teacher. The thing Miss Jess loves about teaching is watching each of her student’s personalities and creativity come out through the art of dance - she loves seeing all the wonderful smiles that each student brings to her class. Miss Jess loves being able to inspire them through dance and rhythm, and enjoys being a role model for her students. In 2018, Miss Jess completed a Bachelors Degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and Event Management, and in 2020, started her own small business called Luks Melbourne, making beautiful candles! She enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends, but Dance Explosion continues to be a huge part of her life. 

Jazz/Funk, Tap

Jessica Geronazzo (She/Her)

Steph G.jpg

Mx Steph fell in love with performing at an early age when they started dancing at Dance Explosion in 2004 at the age of four. They started dancing at our Deer Park studio where they participated in Jazz, Lyrical, Classical Ballet, and Tap classes. In 2019, they were given the opportunity to share their Jazz and Lyrical skills with our Junior dancers. Mx Steph joined our Reservoir Studio in 2021 and began teaching there in 2024! When Mx Steph is not on stage or teaching you can find them up in the bio-box running the lights at our performances. In 2020, they completed a Theatre Arts Course at Melbourne Polytechnic, and in 2022, Steph completed their Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Mx Steph hopes they inspire their students to love performing as much as they do. 

Jazz/Funk, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theatre | Administration

Steph Grech (they/them)


Miss Caity joined Dance Explosion in 2005, and has never looked back - she's been in every Croydon concert to date! She started taking Jazz and Tap classes with Miss Nicola and Miss Wendy, then throughout the years, branched out into Lyrical, Hip Hop, Classical Ballet, and Broadway at both our Croydon and Balwyn studios. Miss Caity began Assistant Teaching in 2015 for a number of Jazz and Tap classes, and in 2018, began teaching her own classes. When she is not teaching or taking classes, she is busy working her corporate job by day. Miss Caity brings her experience in Communications to our Administrative team, creating marketing and social media content. She loves all things musical theatre and performing, as her students would already know! Miss Caity uses her passion for dancing, singing and acting to encourage both her own and her students' presence on stage! Miss Caity looks forward to seeing her students each week, and hopes to inspire and energise her classes to be the best version of themselves!

Jazz/Funk, Tap, Lyrical | Administration

Caity Greenwood (She/Her)

Ellie. HEIC

In 2001, Miss Ellie started at Dance Explosion Reservoir as a very shy dancer in Pre-Primary Ballet. Over the years, she's trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Pointe - as many classes as she could! As she got older, she began assisting with classes, and eventually started teaching her own in a variety of styles. After completing high school, Miss Ellie jetted off to New York City to dance full time, and learn from some of the industry's best, at Broadway Dance Centre. She was able to perform onstage, dance in flash mobs in Central Park, and take masterclasses from Broadway professionals. After returning home, she moved to Sydney to gain a Bachelor of Dance from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts. This is where she became familiar with the Sydney dance industry, and got to choreograph her own original work, which was performed at the NIDA Playhouse Theatre. Miss Ellie moved back to Melbourne in 2017, and returned to teaching  at Dance Explosion. You can still find her dancing at the Reservoir studio, and teaching at both Reservoir and Croydon. In 2020, she began studying her second Bachelors degree in Education at the University of New England, and in her spare time, likes to keep her brain active by doing puzzles, Sudoku, and other brainteasers!

Classical Ballet, Jazz/Funk, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pointe

Eleanor Hayes (She/Her)


Miss Amy has been dancing at Dance Explosion since she was three years old, starting with Jazz and Tap. As she grew older, she began picking up styles like Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Pointe. Miss Amy has grown up through Dance Explosion, and has created many lifelong friendships along the way. She also danced through her school years, performing in musical and stage shows whenever she could. Miss Amy was an assistant choreographer for Luther College School's musical in 2018, as well as for multiple house performing arts festivals. Miss Amy began assistant teaching at Dance Explosion in 2014, and soon began to teach her own classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Lyrical. She is also lucky enough to teach and choreograph at other dance schools and kindergartens. In 2017, she began studying Primary Teaching alongside her dance endeavours, which includes playing Disney characters on stage with many other incredible dancers. Miss Amy loves teaching at Dance Explosion, and couldn't be more appreciative of the amazing students she has the joy to teach every week. Her favourite thing about Dance Explosion is the family environment our directors have worked tirelessly to create, which extends across all ages and abilities.

Hip Hop, Lyrical

Amy Kane (She/her)


Miss Tania's love of performing began at the age of ten when she joined Dance Explosion. In 2012 and 2013, she studied full-time at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance where she completed her Certificate IV in Dance. Since then, she has performed at many locations with various dance companies around Melbourne. In 2016, she was a chorus member for Stage Arts' return season of "In the Heights: The Musical.”She has also been fortunate to travel to America twice to compete at an International dance competition in Florida, placing 8th in 2016 and 4th in 2018. When she’s not dancing, she is a florist at Daily Blooms. Miss Tania loves all of her students and her fellow teachers at Dance Explosion. She is looking forward to sharing what she has learnt throughout the years with her students, and cannot wait to see everyone shine on stage at concert time.

Hip Hop, Lyrical

Tania Pirro (She/her)


Miss Sian started her dancing journey at the age of four, and joined the Dance Explosion family in 2015. She took on a bunch of classes, including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, and Glee! Her love for all things Dance spreads into the music industry as she enjoys playing the guitar, as well as singing 24/7. Miss Sian graduated from high school in 2023, and aspires to, one day, be a part of the police force, while still dancing her way through life. She currently obtains her Surf Life Saving Certificate II in Public Safety, and works as a Lifeguard. Apart from dancing, Miss Sian loves to surf and go to the beach, spend loads of time with her family and closest friends, watch lots of movies (especially High School Musical with her sister), and attend all the Brisbane Lions AFL/AFLW games she can! Miss Sian hopes her love for dancing will shine through all of her students, and that they will make lifelong dance friends just like she has. She loves her Dance Explosion family, and can’t wait to make so many more memories with her students, and watch all of them shine on stage!

Hip Hop

Sian Smith (She/Her)


Miss Chloe started dancing at Dance Explosion in 2007 at three years old, and has participated in every dance style she could! In Year 11, she completed her VCE Dance Certificate early, scoring the highest in her school, and while at school, took part in every school production and Performing Arts evening, both as a performer and a choreographer. She also assisted younger students with technique training and choreography for their assessment, something she really excelled at. Miss Chloe has completed her Certificate II in Dance at the Northern College of the Arts and Technology, focusing on Contemporary, Hip Hop, Commercial, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, and Jazz. At fourteen years old, she placed equal 1st with a duet at the 2018 Dance Explosion Choreographic Competition, and performed a duet in a fundraiser for the Darebin council. Miss Chloe graduated from high school in 2022, and plans to study either dance or something in the hair & makeup industry. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and exercising, as well as spending time with her dogs. Miss Chloe hopes her students learn more skills and improve on their technique more and more each class, and continue to practice at home, as that is what she really love about dancing.

Classical Ballet, Jazz/Funk, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acrobatics

Chloe Stray (She/Her)


Miss Olivia started dancing at Dance Explosion in 1998 when she was four years old. She began teaching a Production class when she was fifteen. She has been teaching for us ever since, has taught at our Reservoir, Croydon and Balwyn studios over the years, and has taught a range of styles including Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Funk. Miss Olivia absolutely loves teaching dancing and developing the skills of all of her students. Her favourite part of teaching is watching her students on stage, performing routines they have worked so hard on in class with her.

Hip Hop

Olivia Stray (she/her)


Miss Kate has been a student at Dance Explosion Balwyn since 1997. Her studies in Early Childhood Education and abilities with kids make her a natural-born teacher, and she brings a vibrant and fun energy to class that her students love! While being a member of the Dance Explosion family, Miss Kate has done plenty of dancing, as well as playing a big part in the creative and administrative side of the studios. She makes a bunch of props and costume pieces for all four of our studios, as well as collecting music, selecting concert themes, concert planning, social media, and administrative duties, including running this website! Miss Kate has also worked in dance retail, fitting dancers of all ages for their dance shoes and attire. When she's not dancing, Miss Kate loves to ski with her family, bake, watch loads of Disney movies, and spend time with her husband, son, and puppies, Chip and Coco! Miss Kate hopes her students gain as much enjoyment from her classes as she did at their age.

Jazz/Funk, Tap | Administration

Kate Verrocchi-Laidlaw (She/her)


Miss Emma joined the Dance Explosion family in 1997, starting off as a five year old ballerina, but due to having too much energy, was moved into the Jazz class. Over the years, she has kept that passion and love for dance, learning every style from Lyrical to Hip Hop. Dance/Drama Captain in years 9, 10, and 12 at school, she was asked to perform in Melbourne’s premier Top Acts showcase for both Theatre Studies and Drama. Miss Emma has choreographed amateur shows across Melbourne for universities, performing arts summer programs, and festivals. She has returned to her old high school to stage manage, co-direct, and co-choreograph musicals and drama productions for nearly 10 years, and has choreographed and performed in reunions for multiple high schools. She resurrected the infamous Adult Tap class in 2016, allowing people of all ages to come and express their inner dancer in a creative and fun space. She loves sharing her drive and knowledge of dance with people who are just as passionate, no matter the skill level. If you can’t find her on a dance floor, she’s creating the perfect one as a Wedding and Event Planner!

Funk, Adult Tap

Emma Watkinson (She/Her)

Miss Emma
Miss Tania
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