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class Rules + child safety policy
  • Only students are permitted in the dance studio space. Parents may watch classes by invitation of the teacher. This is to keep distractions to a minimum, and ensure students can concentrate on what they are being taught.

  • Please place student’s name on all their belongings.

  • No liability will be taken for loss or damage of property, or any physical injury caused whilst at Dance Explosion classes.

  • No food or sticky drinks are to be brought to class.

  • Smoking is not permitted within the studio areas.

  • Students are to bring their own water bottle to each class.

  • No food containing nuts/nut products are permitted at class.

  • Students must wait inside the studio to be collected.

  • Parents running late to pick up students should notify one of our directors, Nicola or Wendy

  • Images of students may be used in advertising and social media (with parents' permission)

  • It is recommended for all parents and students to read all emails, handouts, newsletters, and notices

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