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Frequently asked questions

When do classes operate?

We operate on Victorian school term dates. Weekday classes are after school, and Saturday classes are from morning until early afternoon. We do not operate on Sundays, however, if necessary, we hold extra rehearsals on Sundays for some Advanced classes.

Do classes operate on public holidays?

Classes are not held on Public Holidays. However, Saturday classes go ahead as normal on long weekends.

I'm not sure if this is the right school for me/my child. Can we view classes before enrolling?

Of course! We gladly allow prospective students to come and view, or partake, in classes they’re interested in. Plus, your first trial class is free! We ask that you email us, or call Nicola or Wendy, to let our directors know what you’re interested in, and they can guide you on when to come for a visit.

My child has never danced before. How do I know which class is best for them?

We accept dancers of all skill levels! Our class levels are based on age and ability. As we are an inclusive school, we love to combine different levels of ability - new dancers are supported in growing at their own pace, while long-time students are simultaneously challenged to further their skills.

Can parents, siblings, or friends watch classes?

We enjoy surprising our family and friends with our routines at the performance. Parents are asked to stay for Pre-School classes. For all other classes, it is up to the teacher as to whether they would like an audience in class. If you're interested in watching a class, or there is someone you know who can't make it to the concert, please ask the teacher before class.

I think boys can dance too! Do you have classes for boys?

We think EVERYONE can dance! Our classes at Dance Explosion are never gender-specific, so we encourage everyone to come and try our classes.

Myself or my child has a disability. Do you offer classes that would be accessible for someone with a disability?

Yes we do! As of October 2020, we have started offering All Abilities Online Dance Classes. Click here for more information regarding this new service at Dance Explosion.

Do you offer private classes?

We do not offer private classes. However, we are happy to give advice to students of ours who are doing Dance as part of their VCE studies.

Do you take photos of your students?

We love capturing the special and fun moments we have with our students, and we often take photos in class and at concerts to be used in advertising and social media. If you do not wish for you or your child to be photographed by us, that’s fine - on enrolment, you can opt-out of having photos taken of your child.

Do dancers need to wear a uniform for class?

Unlike some other dance studios, our uniform in not too strict. We ask that students are well-presented for class, wear the appropriate footwear and attire for the style of dancing they’re learning, and that hair is up and off the face. You can see more information regarding our uniform policy here.

We also have a Swap Shop where members of the Dance Explosion community can buy and sell their secondhand dance wear! Click here for more information.

Do you do performances?

We do! Each studio works towards two concerts per year, one each at the ends of Term 2 and Term 4. Each class learns two routines for each concert. The concerts are based on one of two subjects - a story, such as “Pinocchio” or “The Little Mermaid”, or a theme, for example “The Four Seasons” or “Video Games”. Click here for upcoming concert dates.

What about competitions or exams?

We don't partake in any competitions, and we do not hold exams. However, we do have our own annual Choreographic Competition, which brings all our studios together for a fun afternoon where our students can showcase their incredible talent and creativity! Participation in this is voluntary.

Is performing in the concert compulsory?

While we would love for every student to have the chance to perform on stage, we understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We ask that you let the teacher know as soon as possible if you do not wish to, or are unable to, take part in the next concert so the teacher can keep this in mind when choreographing routines.

I'm terrible with a needle and thread! Do I have to do any costume sewing?

We’re sure you’re fine with a needle and thread, but nope - no sewing! All our costumes are sourced through Dance Explosion. We hire our costumes to you for any upcoming concerts. We do ask you to provide the basic costume pieces for concerts (shoes, tights, and undergarments), and some costumes may ask you to provide your own accessories, such as hair ribbons, bike shorts or briefs, or a black leotard.

While you don't have to do any costume sewing, dancers participating in Pointe classes will need to sew & prepare their own Pointe shoes. 

How much do classes cost?

Our class prices depend on the length of the class, starting as low as $150 per term for a class. We also have a sliding scale of class discounts - your classes get cheaper with every additional class you enrol in! Involvement in our concerts requires a concert participation fee and rental of costumes, which are an additional fee to your class tuition. For more information, call or email us below, and we can provide our full fee structure.

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