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We cover a broad range of dance styles, from Ballet to Hip Hop, from Broadway to Urban Lyrical! Within our classes, students are introduced to the many ways that one style of dance can be expanded. Check out our timetables for classes near you!

Dance Styles


Classical Ballet

For almost every young dancer, Ballet is one of the first forms of dance they're introduced to, often through kids characters like Angelina Ballerina and Emma Wiggle. Following the R.A.D. syllabus, our Classical Ballet classes cover technique, poise, and grace, all of which can be applied to almost any style of dance. Our Ballet students are also introduced to National styles of dance from around the world, as well as Neo-Ballet, a style closely related to Contemporary.


Jazz/commercial Jazz

If your child loves listening to pop music, they're bound to love Jazz classes! Jazz is a great style for any beginner dancer, and will help a dancer learn to move through space, understand music, and build confidence and strength for trying new styles. Jazz utilises elements of Ballet technique, and serves as a good stepping stone for dancers interested in Hip Hop. Commercial Jazz is a little more broad, and combines elements of multiple other dance styles, similar to what you see if music videos.



Tap dancing incorporates physical movement with the sound of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. This style demands extra attention to detail in order to complement the music and match the rhythm perfectly, meaning students gain a deeper understanding of musical elements that can be applied to all other dance styles. Tap is often present in musical theatre, but in recent years, has evolved and expanded to include street tap, an urban style that suits most genres of music.

Hip Hop.jpg

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a form of street dance, with many evolutions that have appeared over the years, including Breaking, Popping, Locking, and Tutting. This style is often performed to RnB music, and requires power and precision from the dancer, as well as being able to articulate with all parts of the body. Like all dance styles, Hip Hop allows the dancer to express themselves through their movements, and build a great level of confidence.

Lyrical_Urban Lyrical.jpg


Utilising elements from many styles of dance, the movements in Lyrical dance will illustrate the story being told through the words of the music they're dancing to. Dancers can learn how to connect with their movements with the help of the lyrics, as well as learning how to emote through dance. Lyrical is closely related to Ballet, while Urban Lyrical takes more inspiration from Hip Hop.

Broadway_Musical Theatre.jpg


Our Broadway and Musical Theatre classes teach dancers how to create and play a character within a routine. As the genres of musicals have broadened over the years, dancers get to perform many styles of dance, while also learning how to tell a story effectively through their facial expressions and gestures.



Handstands aren't just for gymnasts or the schoolyard - they're for the stage too! Many styles of dance will take performance elements from Acrobatics, including cartwheels, tumbles, handstands, and flexibility. Students in our Acrobatics classes focus mostly on flexibility and strength, which can then be applied to their dancing in the form of tricks. Their athleticism also grows, another great help for dancers in any style.



Sometimes, our students can't decide what style they like or are curious about multiple styles, but can only fit in one class between basketball, tutoring, violin lessons, and all the other after-school activities they're up to. Our Production classes allow students to learn both Jazz/Funk and Tap within the one class, as well as performing a dance in each style for our concerts.

Adult Tap.jpg

Adult Tap

Dancing isn't just for the kids! We've often heard parents say they feel like the stage is calling them, or that their child is having such a fun time at dancing, and they wish they could enjoy it too. Our Adult Tap classes go back to basics for beginners, and apart from being a great form of physical and mental fitness, are an absolute blast! Plus, if you're a parent of a dancer, it's a fantastic way of getting in touch with them through one of their hobbies.



As most portrayals of Ballet show the dancer in a pair of pointe shoes, it's no wonder it's almost every young ballerina's dream to go en pointe. Dancers need to have reached a certain stage in their physical development before moving into pointe shoes, and as pointe work takes a great level of strength, our teachers will allow young dancers to try Pointe once they feel the dancer is ready. Our Pointe classes will further develop the dancer's Ballet technique, while also building on their strength.



Our pre-pointe classes are an extra element introduced to some of our ballet classes offered to students who are at an appropriate age to move onto pointe. These classes incorporate exercises to help prepare the dancer's body for the strength and flexibility required to take on a pair of pointe shoes, as well as continuing to perfect existing Ballet technique.

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As of October 2020, we have started offering All Abilities Dance Classes. Excluding Pointe and Pre-Pointe, these classes are able to include any combination of the dance styles listed above, as well as Creative Movement. Click below for more information regarding our All Abilities classes.

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